Search Results Help

Viewing Search Results

After performing a search, a list of titles that meet all criteria will be displayed. Many tasks can be accomplished from the Search Results.

You can revise a search by using the Advanced Search options or Narrow Search Results options, or you can start a new search by typing a new term or phrase into the search box.

The symbols at the far left of the title row indicate whether a titles has been reviewed, refereed or is available with open access or in an electronic format (such as online or full-text):

To find out more about a title, click the title’s name and you'll be taken to the Title Details page.

Additional Search Results Actions

Change Columns

Add or remove columns from the Search Results display.

Save Settings

Click on the Save Settings icon to save your Change Column selections to your My Ulrich’s account for future Ulrichsweb sessions. You must be logged in to your My Ulrich’s account to display your Saved Settings.

Use Facets to Narrow Search Results

Click on the desired category in the left-side "Narrow Results" section to reveal available facets. Choose the desired field and select Filter to narrow search results. Click more... to see additional facet fields.

View Title Details

See Title Details by clicking a title, or check the boxes to select multiple titles and then click View Details.

Add Titles to a List

Select one or more titles from results and click Save to List to add titles to an existing or new List. The Marked Items option is a session-based, temporary list.

Download Titles

Select one or more titles from results and click Download. From the Download dialog box, choose the download format (text, CSV, PDF or Excel) and Record Format (Brief or Full).

Email Titles

Select one or more titles from results and click Email. From the Email dialog box, enter email recipient, subject line and message. Choose the attachment format (text or PDF) and Record Format (Brief or Full).